V 3 - vigitherme


V 3

The V3 Vigitherme comes in a brass case in the shape of a cone with two exit terminals. Its design makes it particularly remarkable in terms of its capacity to withstand shocks, accelerations and vibrations.

Temperature range : -10° à +210°
Current rating : 0.5 A
Voltage rating : 250 V
Types of contacts : opening – closing
Contacts  : 1 contact for ground
Voltage proof between contacts(open) : 1200 V
Contact resistance: 60 m Ω
Insulation resistance between terminations and opened contacts : > 10 000 M Ω
Connection : welding terminals


The V39 support provides electrical isolation and enables an V3 or V31 Vigitherme to be mounted. It is made up of a 0.2mm thickteflon sheet which goes between the metallic surface and the Vigitherme, and of a collar in high-temperature nylon whici facilitates attaching the assembly by 2 screws.