M 4 - Vigitherme


V 4

The V 4 Vigitherme is made up of a stainless steel case and a nylon body carrying the connecting screw terminals. The parts under tension are insulated from the ground of the apparatus. The bi-metallic disc is located at the bottom of the stainless steel case which then constitutes the portion sensitive to temperature.
A V 4 B version that does not return to initial state by cooling is also available. To reactivate it, it is necessary to press the red button located in the middle.

Temperature range : 0°C à +110°C
Current rating : 10 A
Voltage rating : 250 V
Types ofcontacts : Opening – closing – inversing
Composition of contacts : solid silver
Voltage proof between terminations and ground : 4 000 V
Contact resistance : 6 m Ω
Connection : screw terminal
Maximum operating temperature : + 120°C
Attachment : by 2 or 4 3mm screws


P 4 SMALL PROTECTIVE PLATE As an option a small black bakelite protective plate can equip the V4 Vigitherme. It is attached by 2 3mm screws and nuts. It enables the reactivation button to be pressed without touching the connection under tension (here with V4 B).