Vigithermes are small thermostats with fixed settings. They provide protection against overheating or temperature control to the nearest degree.

In the vigitherme, the thermostatic element is a bimetallic blade in the form of a spherical cap which has the property of turning over suddenly at a fixed and precise temperature.

The operation of the device at this temperature, determined at the design stage of the vigitherm, remains unchanged.

It is therefore a snap-action thermostat which cannot be adjusted (insensitive to shocks, accelerations and vibrations).

Temperature specifications are given for unit control by using an air cirulation in quasi-static mode.

Its different types of contact

In all models, the contact can be open or closed:

  • An OPEN contact is used when the circuit opens due to a rise in temperature
  • A contact is CLOSED when the circuit closes due to a rise in temperature

We also have the possibility of working with two other types of contact:

  • Manual reset (with a reset button) on V16 and V4 models.
  • Changeover (double contacts) only on the V4 model.

Hysteresis and tolerance

The Vigitherme is very reliable, placed in identical conditions, it will always operate at the same temperature to within a few tenths of a degree.

However, due to its principle, it has a hysteresis, so after operation, the temperature must drop by several degrees for it to return to its initial state.

This difference between the operating temperature and the recovery temperature can range from four to five degrees to several dozen degrees.

Vigitherms are manufactured and sold in temperature ranges, but are always thermally and electrically controlled as a unit.