V 16 mouldings

Accessories- V 16 & V 16 BO

Mouldings accessories


To ensure both perfect insulation and absolute tightness, theVigitherme can be cased in an epoxied resin.
The standard A1 moulding is a cylinder and its dimensions are the following :

Height: 23 mm
Diameter: 17 mm

V6 - A1

The A1 moulding can be made on a Vigitherme M16 with a V6 threaded base. Dimensions of the cylindrical part are :

Height: 23 mm

Diameter : 17 mm


The A2 moulding enables heat control for fluids and can be fixed through a wall.

Total height : 40 mm

Diameter: 18 mm

Thread diameter: 14 mm


The A3 enables ambient heat control inside an enclosure and can be directly wall-mounted.

Total height : 23 mm

Diameter : 18 mm

Fixing holes centre distance : 24 mm


The A5 moulding is designed for the monitoring of the temperature of an oil casing or for using as a fire detector. It consists of a brass head and a sensitive part at the other end of a PTFE cylinder.

Head diameter : 22 mm

Head thread  : 20 mm

Cylinder diameter : 18mm

Cylinder height : 30 mm

Every moulding is manufactured with an epoxied resin. All the mouldings are IP 68 waterproof.